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Miles for Smiles

Our 5k, November 18, Miles for Smiles. It was meant to inspire people to literally run miles so that the kiddos in Los Cocos could be closer to having the basic things that they needed in order to be kids and be happy and smile. But, looking back on the 5k and everything that led up to it, those words meant something else, too. While I was only in the Dominican Republic for a short time this past summer, the things that I learned from the people there will not soon be lost on me. They taught me what it really means to be filled with joy and, even more than that, showed me what a smile really means. In the midst of extreme poverty and hardship and illness and any other thing that I take for granted, the kiddos and every other person I was lucky enough to meet met it all with a smile. They taught me what it means to always see the good and to be filled with joy in the midst of any circumstance. I also learned how much there is to be done for these people. I understand a little bit more now how much it is going to take to get these people the very minimum things they deserve. So, in the title, the Miles is literally miles, but it is also representative of a journey and of how far we have to go. And the Smiles in the title are literal smiles, but they are also a way of living. “Be joyful always. Pray at all times. Be thankful in all... read more